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Established Modular Platform 2019

  • Certified The innovative products for U-VISTA eco school.
  • Certified The industrial housing for apartment house.
  • Established Yoologics Co., Ltd.
  • Manufactured and intalled Yoochang U-VISTA rooftop first in Korea.
  • Completed ceiling work of ticketing hall of Incheon Int'l Airport Terminal 2
  • Completed the 3rd factory construction in Cheonan, Korea.
  • Awarded New housing concept grand prix for modular system.
  • Established Yoochang Sonics Co., Ltd. (Sound Absorption Matrial)

Started New Official Ci 2014

  • Awarded New environment technology by Minister of Environment
  • Launched new CI.
  • Opened Dongbu Branch of Yoochang Co., Ltd.
  • Certified Environment friendly materials.

Opened Yoochang Vienam 2013

  • Established Research center of Yoochang Plus Co., Ltd.
  • Established Yoochang Vina Co., Ltd.

Guam US Military Facility Modular Project 2010

  • Awarded Overseas Business Performance by the President of Korea
  • Awarded 10 million dollor Export by Minister of Trade Industry & Energy.
  • Completed Modular housing project in Guam, U.S.A.

Kazakztan Modular Project 2009

  • Completed non-contamination coating work in Korea. (Subway Line 9 )
  • Designated as an innovative technology industry company.(INNO BIZ)
  • Completed the 2nd factory construction in Hwaseong, Korea.
  • Established a semi-conductor clean room business department.

Awarded for excellent consturction Performance by President and Contribution to realization of new techenology 2001

  • Selected for development of parts & material technology. (Ministry of Industry & Resources)
  • Established Yoochang Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Established Precision Extrusion Technology Research Center of Yoochang co., Ltd.
  • Awarded an exellent construction company of the year by KFBMA.
  • Partispated in IMT-2000 research project by Yoochang technology research center.

Established Yoochang Metal, Yoochang Steel 1990-1999

  • Established Yoochang Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Selected as an exemplary taxpayer by Minister of Finance & Economics
  • Completed development of TAC-BAR. (Acquired N.T. Mark)
  • Certified EM Mark.
  • Participated in development of Steel House
  • Established Yoochang Technical Research Center
  • Established Yoochang Metals Co., Ltd.

Established Yoochang 1974

  • Awarded development of technology by KOSCA.(Modular system)
  • Certified Korean Industrial Standard(KS mark) first in the industry
  • Converted Yoochang Industry into Yoochang Co., Ltd.
  • Selected as an excellent company by Ministry of Industry & Commerce
  • Established Yoochang Industry.
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